Two Sunlime Mas masqueraders at the 2022 Toronto Caribbean Carnival. One masquerader is dawning a green feathered costume while interviewing a second female masquerader dawning a large yellow feathered frontline costume.

How to register for Toronto Carnival

Hello to all of our first-time Carnival Babies 👋🏿 So you want to play mas at Toronto Carnival (formerly known as Caribana), but you’re unsure of how or where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll discuss how easy it is to register to play mas at the 2023 Caribana parade.

1. The first step to participate in the Grand Parade is to sign up with a Mas Band. In order to play mas at the Grand Parade, you must be registered with an official Mas Band. We (Sunlime Mas) will be releasing our costume lineup for this year’s Toronto Carnival Parade on April 2nd. If you’re a GTA local you’re invited to attend our Costume Showcase (Band Launch) in person at the Ontario Science Centre. For our out-of-towners, we recommend pre-registering online to secure your spot, and for first access to our costumes once they have been released. It’s best to follow us on Instagram for the most up-to-date information on when registration opens up, and more.

2. Once our costumes have been released, registration opens up on our website At this point, you will have the ability to select the costume and section you’d like to play mas in. You will be required to pay a deposit (or the full amount depending on your preference). Once your costume has been purchased you will be considered registered.

Masqueraders with Sunlime Mas at the 2022 Toronto Carnival Parade

3. When you purchase your costume with Sunlime Mas, you’ll receive a lot of great perks! Your costume purchase includes your costume of choice, a wristband to access the parade route at the Grand Parade, food & refreshments throughout the day, security, two music trucks with a stellar lineup of local and international DJs, and goodies!


  1. […] How do I register for Toronto Carnival?To participate in the parade, you need to sign up with a band and purchase a costume from a Mas Band. It’s easy to do, just visit our website and select the section you want to play in. A deposit is required to secure your spot, with the balance due on pick-up day. Learn more about how to register for the 2023 Toronto Carnival parade here. […]

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