Register to play mas at the 2024 Toronto Caribbean Carnival.


The Toronto Caribbean Carnival, also known as Toronto Carnival or Caribana, is an exuberant festival that brings the vibrant spirit and rich traditions of the Caribbean to the heart of Toronto. As Canada’s largest celebration of Caribbean culture, it offers a captivating blend of music, caribbean culture, and captivating costumes that draw visitors from all over the world.

It’s no surprise that so many people are interested in being part of the parade and experiencing what it’s like to Play Mas at North America’s Largest Street Festival. If it’s your first time playing Mas, we highly recommend joining a medium-sized band like Sunlime Mas. Not only will you get an incredible experience from beginning to end, but the actual Road “Parade Day” experience will be more manageable than with a larger band. Plus, there are many benefits to registering with a medium-sized band: better organization, more support from sponsors, and an overall enhanced road experience as well as additional goodies for masqueraders.

Register to play mas with Sunlime Mas at the 2024 Toronto Caribbean Carnival, formerly known as Caribana. How To: Register to play mas with Sunlime Mas at Toronto Carnival.

How to Register and What’s Included

One of the most common questions we receive is, “How can I register to play Mas at Toronto Carnival?” The answer is simple and the process is easy. Just purchase a costume! Once you purchase a costume from one of our 8 beautiful sections, you’ll be considered registered for the parade.

Here’s what you can expect with your registration:

  • Wristband: Your costume purchase includes your official registration and a wristband, granting you access to the parade route and stage, allowing you to dance and walk along the parade route with the band.
  • Security: We’ve hired a private security team to ensure our masqueraders’ safety throughout the parade.
  • Marshals: Dedicated marshals will assist in keeping masqueraders well-fed and hydrated. They’ll distribute water, snacks, and ensure everyone has what they need.
  • Goodie Bag: Thanks to our generous sponsors, all masqueraders will receive a fully stocked goodie bag with essentials for the road. Frontliners will get an extra-special goodie bag.
  • Lunch & Snacks: All registered masqueraders will receive a hot lunch either before or after the stage experience, along with snacks throughout the day, including delicious patties from Patty King and cold treats.
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages + Punch: Masqueraders will have access to water, non-alcoholic beverages, and coconut water throughout the parade. Additionally, we’ll provide two types of punch: Rum Punch courtesy of our friends at Mount Gay Rum and Vodka Punch courtesy of our friends from Mailroom Vodka.
  • Fully Stacked DJ Team: Our DJ lineup will keep the vibes strong all day long. We’re excited to welcome back DJ Shomari KRL, DJ Cue, DJ Fugitive, DJ CL, and introduce DJ Kane and DJ Warlock to the Sunlime Road Crew.
  • Media Team: A full media team will be on site all day to capture every moment of your Toronto Carnival experience.

Join Us at Toronto Carnival

Experience the Toronto Caribbean Carnival like never before by playing Mas with Sunlime Mas. Register now, show off your best self, and let the rhythm of the Caribbean carry you away. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Get ready to feel the beat, embrace the vibrant culture, and celebrate at Toronto Carnival with Sunlime Mas!

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