There are many ways to support Sunlime Mas and create an impact on Caribbean artisans and entrepreneurs

By investing in our community of Caribbean women entrepreneurs and artisans, you are contributing to a more dynamic future for the Caribbean Community at large.



By supporting our not-for-profit community organization, your company will benefit from  an enhanced corporate reputation and can help establish it as a socially responsible entity. This positive brand image can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust. 


Your support of our not-for-profit community organization can provide networking opportunities with other community leaders and influential individuals. These relationships can lead to business opportunities and potential partnerships.

1st Place Medium Band
Over 1 Million Festival Goers
30K Monthly Website Visitors
20K Social Reach
1.5K Email Subscribers
800+ Masqueraders



Our sponsors are crucial to our existence. Without them, we wouldn't be able to design the lively costumes, immersive masquerader experiences, and relevant programs we provide for the Caribbean community every year. As a sponsor of Sunlime Mas, you'll gain access to an exceptionally talented community of young female entrepreneurs and artisans, while also contributing to the growth of Caribbean women who are making strides in business, thereby promoting Caribbean culture throughout Canada.


The festival and events industry is making a strong comeback after being on hiatus due to the global pandemic. People are eager to attend this year's Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade.

At the 2023 Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Sunlime Mas can help you establish an authentic connection with your audience and potential customers through a captivating brand activation and immersive real-life experience. By partnering with us, your brand can stand out from the competition. We’ll work with you to create shareable opportunities during the brand activation that emotionally resonates with festival goers and expand your brand's reach.

With 81% of festival-goers active on social media and 1.2 million attendees, this presents an incredible opportunity for your brand to drive engagement and traffic to your social media pages. 

In kind

Want to get your brands logo on our collateral material, product or promotional offer in front of our large audience? We are always on the hunt for in-kind sponsors. Rather than providing a cash sponsorship, you can reduce your bottom line expenses while directly reaching your desired audience.